Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Faves

Happy Friday everyone! This is just a quick post, sharing a few favorites and thoughts from this week. I have some posts scheduled for next week and some pregnancy updates- and the gender reveal! I tried to get them done this week, but it was just too busy with work, my crazy girls, and lack of sleep.

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I’m obsessed with sandals, I could live in them year round if events and the weather allowed me too. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good bootie too, but I live for bare feet and warm nights. I have a few on my mind (including this gorgeous pair! Super cute dupe here, but just bought these strappy flats, they're super comfortable and I love that they just zip up in the back. I also ordered these super cute wedges ($30!!), I love the double strap and cut out design (similar pair without the cutout design here).


Just about every time I get my hair done I want to do something different. Brighter! Darker! Mix it up! Keep it long! Cut it short! I’m feeling that way again right now too. I’m in love with my color right now and the dimension it has, but I also want to brighten it up as the temps rise. One thing that’s really on my mind is getting a beach wave perm. Yes, you read that right. I wrote PERM. I’ve been reading different articles (check out this Allure article with Julianne Hough)about it and I would love to just air dry my hair every day and have gorgeous beach waves at my fingertips with just a few products, but I wonder… will my hair be flat from air drying? Will the front of my hair where my cowlick is be frizzy? Can I curl/straighten it if I want a different look for a day? Any insight at all is appreciated! I only get salesy type answers when I ask at the salon.

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Reading List!

I’m doing pretty good at tackling my 2016 Reading List, although I have strayed quite a bit. I've read 9 out of 16 so at least I've past the halfway point. I found some great authors from the list and read a few more of their books or books from similar genres. I haven’t shared the last few of my reviews on IG like I have in the past, but here are my five recent reads.

Necessary Lies- AMAZING! I loved the characters, their stories, the choices they had to make. I really enjoyed this book a lot.

Luckiest Girl Alive- I barely made it through this one, it is terrible. I didn’t care for the character and felt that there should have been a better resolution or deeper twist/surprise at the end to make it worth it.

The Winter People- This book was okay, a good in-between book. A little creepy story that would be interesting as a movie if done right.

The Silent Sister- This has a slower pace, but the secrets reveal themselves in a timely manner. I enjoyed reading it and the characters’ stories.

Behind Closed Doors- It did not live up to the hype for me, I didn’t get attached to any of the characters, but has a great and twisted ending!

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This necklace (similar here) has sat in my cart for a while now and I finally checked out. I don’t know what I was waiting for, it’s gorgeous and I know I’m going to get a TON of wear from it. Plus, it’s a great price point, under $40, is well made, and not heavy. I absolutely love turquoise/teal jewelry, it looks good all year round and perfectly accents so many colors and patterns. I’m basically going to be living in it all year round, so expect to see it a ton. I've already worn it three times this week, I can't help it! It's SO pretty and goes with everything!

Thank you all for reading! Hope you have a great weekend! XOXO
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