Friday, February 19, 2016

Spring Haul for the Girls and a Little Something for Me!

Spring is my jam people. It's my favorite season and all the bright colors, pastels, sandals, rompers, and swim suits just call my name. Since I live in California, where El Nino is no where to be seen, spring pretty much starts like the second week of January. It's been in the high 80s for the last few weeks (it did rain yesterday though) and I've had to dig for some short sleeves and shorts for the girls. I've picked up a few things for them, so we're ready now for those high temps!

 photo CFAD7F95-051D-49A9-B1F4-985C06514C68_zpsgtfgykrh.jpg
Mint Dress // Yellow and Striped Top (not online) // Floral Romper 

Target has the cutest spring items right now, I wanted to buy one of everything! I got these during the week and I can't wait for the girls to wear them! I love all the bright colors and I'm already picturing cute outfits and matching bows. I love all the bright colors and patterns they have this season. They had so much to choose from! The gladiator shoes are my favorite!

 photo E10AA61D-EFAE-4476-AE4F-0E5DEE6666DF_zps7yo6dnk0.jpg

Old Navy also had some steals for their President's Day sale and I somehow only snagged these two dresses. They have a ton of cute everything right now, but with Easter and birthdays coming up for the girls, I've learned not to buy too many clothes. They get so much stuff as gifts and it's best to buy just what they need (yay for summer babies!). How cute will these dresses be with the bows below??

 photo 24EE3011-760D-4C1B-8A20-7F8ED3F70F1E_zps3tkttfmc.jpg

How sweet are these bows? I love their shape and colors! The nylon band is extra soft and I have a giveaway coming up later this month so be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram!!

 photo 35CE6386-98D4-40F8-BE5A-6E86EF8923A4_zpshjipcajf.jpg

My palettes came in and I have been loving them!! I've worn all of the blush colors and the shadows are super neutral and beautiful. I'll be doing a full review of both soon (I've been working on it this week), but if you're on the fence about getting them or are in the market for a new palette, I would definitely say to snag these!

Hope your Friday work shifts are short and your weekend long! Thanks for reading!
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