Monday, February 15, 2016

Our (long) Weekend Recap

These past two weeks have been so crazy! So much has been happening in our family and it's been quite a roller coaster. The girls have been sick, we're changing daycares, work has been busy. It's just been one thing after another! This week things should be settling down and we'll be finding a new routine over the next few weeks.

 photo 2B7D23C9-C848-467B-8187-D16BF65EB33D_zpshicvrqqc.jpg  photo BF8538D9-8083-4B4A-8706-EF74B3448DF3_zps8xkjlpir.jpg

This weekend, we were supposed to be camping, but with nearly everyone feeling under the weather, we decided to just go for the afternoon to visit. It was such a beautiful day, high 80's with a slight breeze, and the kids loved being outside. We've been cooped up at home with the worst flu and it was just the change of scenery we needed. Ellie has been loving this Scooter my sister gave her for Christmas. We stayed til we ate a few s'mores and then headed back home.

 photo FC421B39-2752-4D95-932B-32AAE577CD6A_zpsbstul5vz.jpg

Sunday we ran some errands just to get out of the house again. We also went back to Bahama Bucks so Matt could try it (the girls and I took my sister on Tuesday). It is the best snocone I've ever had in my life! That sounds like a bold statement, but I am picky about my snocones. I hate when it's all ice and chunky and this one really is like snow and just melts in your mouth. I'm glad they're a bit of a drive, otherwise I'd be eating one every day of my life.

 photo E433D338-2052-4FB9-B88E-77CDBBC3F9A2_zpsfyxbtj86.jpg

There were lots of cuddles this weekend and the girls haven't napped so much in their lives! Ellie has pretty much given up naps altogether and she took one every day! It was like a Christmas miracle, although, really, it was just the end of a terrible flu. Emma took several naps on me and it was glorious. There's not much that's sweeter than a baby napping on your chest and I really haven't had to experience that many with her since she typically sleeps best on her own. During this nap, Ellie was so sweet and kept rubbing her arm or face and I snapped this sweet pic of her holding her foot. Ellie has become such a great big sister and is so loving to Emma. I love watching them interact, Ellie is hands down Emma's favorite person in the world. She just lights up every day when Ellie goes into her room in the mornings and no one can get Emma to laugh as hard as Ellie.

 photo 510B00D8-9EEB-469C-85EA-7042847CA838_zpsootllfvr.jpg

I took advantage of the long weekend and naps to sort through Emma's clothes. She's wearing 6 months right now, but is starting to outgrow those, so I took out all of our nine month clothing to wash. Since we're completely out of the three month clothing, and I've already went through them and donated what I'm not keeping, I folded and put them away in the garage in an airtight vacuum bag. I could have cried putting away all of the clothes, remember Ellie and Emma wearing them, I have so many favorites and thought about which I would save forever and which I would save to hand down to nieces. It's so cliche, but time really does pass too quickly.

 photo 0066A1B5-1273-4A3C-9340-959EE68FDAA4_zps9svz0gbz.jpg

I finally took imprints of Emma's hand and foot. It's meant to be done when they're newborns, and we have the same frame set for Ellie and did hers at three months, so I'm quite behind on Emma's. I guess that's how it goes for the second child. I tried taking 6 month pics on my own too this weekend... major fail. I tried last weekend too, but it was a bust. Her newborn pic will have to suffice for now in the frame! Geez louise people, the to-do list never ends and there's never enough time in a day.

That's was our weekend and now we're about to fold some laundry and order pizza while we watch the Grammys. Hope you had a great weekend and a great start to a new week!

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