Monday, January 25, 2016

Our Weekend

This past weekend was so much fun and easy. It's weekends like this that I love, when you get to spend time with family without any schedule. They're so few and far between it seems like every weekend we have parties or plans. I really look forward to weekends without any plans.

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Jacket (Old Navy two years ago, similar here) // Boots (on sale for under $75!!)

On Saturday morning, we woke up and cleaned around the house. Saturdays are typically cleaning days, we pick up throughout the week, but do our deep cleaning on the weekends. Then we ran some errands before coming home to play. We played so hard in Ellie's play room, we shopped, cooked, built block towers, and played with her cash register. It's so fun to watch her play and see her imagination at work. Then we got ready and headed out to meet Papa for dinner.

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We went a bit out of our way and ate at one of my favorite places- Cafe Rio! It is so good and I wish there was one closer to our house. I've been trying to get Matt's parents over there for a while because I know they would like it and his dad already can't wait to go back again! I always get the barbacoa salad with everything on it. It's so, so yummy and I would love to find a copy cat recipe for the meat. It's so sweet and juicy!

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The area has a nice little shopping area and a really cute fountain Ellie is obsessed with. It was a nice outing and I'm glad we were able to finally take Matt's dad there (his mom went out of town for the weekend). It was nice outside so we let Ellie play for a while in front of the fountain and just chatted.

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Then Sunday morning we went to church and I really enjoyed the talks and lessons. We only went for the first two hours, Ellie had a meltdown in nursery so we headed home after Relief Society. Sometimes she loves nursery and races in and plays so hard and this week and last time she cried for no reason and wanted to go home. Kids!

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I posted this last night on my Instagram, but I wanted to share it again. I finished this book, The Nightingale by Krstin Hannah this week and it was such an incredible book and I couldn't put it down. It's an incredible story about two sisters living in France during WWII and how the war affected them and the choices they needed to make to survive. It was such a page turner and if I read it before bed, I dreamt I was the characters and had so much anxiety about what was going to happen next!

We came home and had family over for dinner. It was such a slow, relaxing weekend, I'm already looking forward to next weekend. It was a great weekend that leaves you ready for the week ahead. Have a great week and happy Monday! 
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