Thursday, January 7, 2016

Gallery Wall for a Toddler with Minted

Hello, good morning! I am so excited to share today's post! I've collaborated with Minted to share a gallery wall of independent artist's work to complete Ellie's big girl room. Over the last 6 months or so, we’ve been slowly transitioning Ellie’s room. We've made little changes here and there, but have been stuck with what to do for the main wall that her bed rests against. Then, a fairy godmother of Minted sent me an email and her room was done! I was pumped to work together with Minted to help take Eleanor’s room from a nursery to a big girl room.

 photo 541F0169-F7E6-41FF-902C-9268EABE6967_zpsijbcwhqy.jpg photo F471EE3E-3ACD-4440-A65D-F55976464D93_zpsfw4lf07e.jpg photo CFC0FB00-7189-4598-8288-796453CFC4D2_zpszwud1mxk.jpg photo B24D7346-E995-4188-9A8F-A40B202244AC_zps9xyknsap.jpg

Greatest Adventure // Favorite Books // Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Wild Rabbit // The Fountain // Bonjour Ma Fleur

Ellie is in love with her new wall, The Fountain print is her favorite! She shows it to me every day and it's the one she's focusing on in the pics. My personal favorite is Favorite Books, I changed two of the books to include The Princess Bride and Little Women which are my personal favorites that I look forward to reading with her.  

 photo 28A5973C-D46F-47AC-8113-3309D6DE11E5_zps8m7l8w1w.jpg photo 404C7FD7-C32C-425E-A376-CF7AD4F6DF34_zpsfif8magi.jpg photo 78AFC519-93A3-472E-9575-4AE651046CC1_zpshbqp2mgm.jpg photo CA11BEF7-B80E-4DF2-8809-150FEECA0CAF_zpsesxg0lrm.jpg photo 9B1555A8-7BE0-41BD-87FF-F9027E33F860_zps159bl2n3.jpg photo 97E86D8C-2488-4818-8BEB-4B4713784CE5_zpsyv3k5mtx.jpg photo C1F42CE2-83E9-493C-B265-39D9893874D7_zpslm4jmdjv.jpg
Wild Rabbit (8x8) // The Fountain (5x7) // Bonjour Ma Fleur (8x10)

Minted has many amazing art pieces and their website is really user friendly. What I love most about their projects, is your ability to personalize and preview your options. Minted offers a large range of sizes, and if you’re a visual person like myself, they have pictures that show you the sizing against each other so it’s easy to choose the right sizes for your home. You can also choose to have the pieces you’ve chosen framed or unframed and preview each frame with the picture. There’s lots of choices you can make for each art piece to really have it fit your home, but it wasn’t overwhelming or daunting, again, their site and set up is simple to navigate. It was an awesome experience working with them and it was really easy to visualize and see how my favorites would fit together to complete her room.

We are so happy with how the gallery wall came out! I love the colors, the sizes, and the art work. The hardest part was decided which pieces to choose! There are so many amazing art work pieces, I plan on ordering some for our play room too.

*** The artwork was provided to me, but all opinions are of my own. I had a great experience- you should check them out!***

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