Thursday, October 9, 2014

Snapshots from a Day Off

With my new work position, I have a rotating day off and although it's been a bit of an adjustment, it's been nice to get a day off during the week. It's easier to run errands, stores are less crowded, it makes my work week go quickly, and I get our little Elle bell all to myself before Daddy gets home. This past week I had Wednesday off and thought I'd document our day together and how we spent our little break. Isn't that what you all have been dying to know? Well, you're welcome.

 photo 13c114a9-7fe4-4638-a887-9c94827a0743_zps894f659e.jpg
After Ellie wakes up in her crib, I bring her to my bed for some snuggles and Doc McStuffins

 photo 6035825C-C830-41DE-8E0C-75C4ECC4A066_zpseaebrcys.jpg
Ellie gets over it quickly and we head downstairs for milk and breakfast, scooting down the stairs on our bums with her giggling the whole way down

 photo 3C0B26DB-08C0-4E56-B7F4-14F6B299F76D_zpstp3lypfz.jpg
She patiently awaits breakfast, her favorite -oatmeal mixed with apple sauce

 photo 4e517cde-682f-43d8-8dff-da5c0d08c1c2_zpsb37ccc01.jpg
Things get really exciting when Ellie spots a bird on our porch

 photo E928860A-78FD-4091-95BF-E0E118A08DBD_zpso7c3wclf.jpg
Then we head to the sports park to meet up with a group from church

 photo F7A5E892-DEF3-44DB-A54A-D4B2EC9A4FB0_zps8uddhto0.jpg
During her nap I deep clean our master bathroom as quietly as I can

 photo 78adad4d-164b-43a0-b2c6-dc1e18160dbe_zps33a6acb8.jpg
Then eat an uninterrupted, unshared lunch all by myself

 photo 8F56D5F3-5CFA-4984-A10C-E88743E43BD2_zpsnbv3bcoz.jpg
Once Sleeping Beauty is awake and fed we head out to the library

 photo 9DC73AD7-CAAE-4B59-B875-21AD5072D5F6_zpsdehol9ok.jpg
When we return we relax and I get caught up in Christmas excitement with the new Pottery Barn catalog

 photo BB86D998-464E-4A29-96C9-FFD2FDADB791_zpsem7bvdrz.jpg
So we decide to finish decorating for Halloween, Ellie kept giggling and kissing the skull.
Definitely a Chi Omega legacy.

 photo EB096628-9271-48F6-B602-D7F9035088A7_zpszinwahk9.jpg
Then by a miracle, dinner is timed perfectly for when Matt walks in the door
PS using hamburger buns for garlic bread is the bomb, best garlic bread ever!

 photo 533C3BDC-F55A-487E-9979-F78A0D6D6B6D_zpsare4ylx4.jpg
After bath time we all wrestle and goof around on the bed before bedtime

I must say that this was an awesome day off. The day didn't feel as if it was slipping through my fingers and I felt like I accomplished a lot without spending the whole day only doing errands or cleaning and not getting anytime to relax and enjoy it. I love being able to get outside and look forward to more park days.

Hope your week is going swimmingly! The weekend is almost here!
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