Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Product Review: Maybelline Color Sensational The Buffs Lipstick

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Maybelline Color Sensational The Buffs Lip Color in Blushing Beige

It’s not a secret that I have an arsenal of makeup, most of which fall into similar color categories. For instance my lipsticks are mostly soft pinks and nudes and nearly all of my blushes are varying shades of pink. It's almost embarrassing...almost. However, on a whim and a Target run while on my lunch break I picked up the prettiest nude lipstick I’ve ever used.

While in the makeup aisles, I rarely check out Maybelline. They used to be my go-to for foundation, but I haven’t used them for items outside of mascara in what feels like a lifetime. Target had a couple of displays for Maybelline up and it caught my attention so I checked out their section. One thing that caught my eye was their new lip color line of nudes (I guess it’s not actually new- it came out in spring). I’m all for bright lips, but everyday nudes are so much easier for me to wear. I checked out the two lightest shades, Bare All and Blushing Beige and the first one was too light for me. I think I’d look like a walking corpse, but Blushing Beige was beautiful and really complimented my skin tone. Which is why I immediately added it to my cart without looking back.

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Blushing Beige is a gorgeous nude with a pink undertone. It’s definitely different from some of my other nude lipsticks with its color- it leans more towards nude rather than pink and is warmer in tone. The majority of my other lip colors are pink-nude and I love that this one is more nude. Yes, I understand how crazy that sounds to anyone who doesn’t have a makeup addiction.

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What I wanted to really share about this product review is the option of colors. If you’ve had a hard time finding a good nude lipstick, go check out this collection! There’s ten shades to choose from and depending on your skin tone, more than one shade could work for you. I’ve worn my lipstick almost everyday since I bought it, I think it really compliments my tone and looks very pretty. I wear it both alone and layered under gloss (my favorite pairing with it is Urban Decay’s Walk of Shame) and always get asked about it. My only complaint with the lipstick is the same complaint I have with all Maybelline lipsticks- there’s a slight smell I don’t care for and it can be drying.

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Here's it on my lips, love this combo!

When wearing nude lip colors, you have to definitely exfoliate your lips to create the best look. I find that wearing either a chapstick under or a gloss on top help with application. I seriously love this lipstick so much and I'm thinking about buying a second one in case they ever discontinue it. I'm also thinking about checking out the next shade darker as well. I love that these lipsticks are more nude in color, they help create that gorgeous glamorous natural look I love so much.

What color lipstick do you prefer to wear? What's your everyday shade?
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