Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Let's Catch Up! + Younique Winner Announced!

I’m still going back and forth between homes so my blogging has kind of slowed. When I look at my draft log I have several semi-written drafts that I need to finish. I have them written, but just need to edit or attach the links and photos. Hopefully, I can get completely caught up in the next month because I finally got my job transfer!! (insert yell and dance here)

My new position starts next week and I’m very excited. It’s close to our home and where Ellie will be attending daycare. It’s going to be so nice to not have a long drive (it will only be about 10 minutes versus the 45 I drive now!) and I will be able to sleep in an extra hour or so! Plus, I’ll actually be able to live in our house as a family. It’s been so hard not seeing Matt everyday or having our own space and routine. We've been going back and forth between our house and my in-laws since April. I’m so thankful that they have been sweet enough to let us stay, it really has been a great time there and a huge blessing that we were able to do that.

At my new position (I’m still with the same company), there is a business dress code so I've had to get some new items to add to my closet. At my current position, we went to a casual dress code in 2012 and I wear dresses/skirts for church so I haven’t had a use for any dress pants (or really heels for that matter). I’m excited to dress up a bit for work now and hope to share some pictures of my outfits. It will be a huge shift in my closet, that's for sure!

 photo E417CA7F-407E-458C-A06D-CE36E588B22B_zpsvexmjjx0.jpg photo 8D297E6E-2BCF-4E2E-A66E-D5E963B8D130_zpswoedcqeo.jpg

Two weeks ago, my family from Washington was in town for Disneyland after my cousin’s return from his mission in the Philippines. Ellie and I were able to meet up with them for dinner and had so much fun! I wish we had more time together with them and we’re hoping to make a trip up there this fall. My cousin has the cutest son who is the same age as Ellie and it was adorable watching them interact. To us, they look so similar too! Ellie really is a good mix of both Matt and I, but when I get her with my Dad’s side of the family she is a total Anderson. All I see is our features in her cheeks, lips, the shape of her ears, etc. It’s so amusing to me how her features change so often and how much of both sides of our family I see in her. Genetics are incredible.
 photo FF2B2175-B1D1-41ED-ACC8-477D55F4BB0A_zpsquymj7ui.jpg

We also attended a gorgeous wedding at the Leoness Winery in Temecula. It was for one of Matt’s best friend and he was a part of the wedding party. It was the perfect day and we are so excited for them! All of the details were beautiful, the food was delicious, and they both were glowing and gorgeous! They used the same photographers Matt and I use for our family/maternity pictures, Lovers of Love Photography, and they've already posted some sneak peeks and I can’t wait to see more. Jamiee made the most stunning bride, her veil was to die for and they got some great blowing in the wind pictures of it I’ve been drooling over these last few days. I love looking at wedding pictures, it’s so heartwarming to see such special moments of your loved ones.

This weekend we have ZERO plans (besides for the 4th!) and I can’t wait. We have been waiting for this weekend for months. We’re just going to relax, clean/organize the house, and check out our neighborhood. It’s been hard to organize and stay organized at our new home since we've gone back and forth so much. There’s still plenty to do!

I hope each of you are having a great week and have a fantastic weekend!

Are you my Younique Rose Water giveaway winner? Congratulations Jacqueline!
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