Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Catch-Up

Weekends have always been my favorite time of the week, but since having a family of my own, they really are the best days ever. I look forward to the days of sleeping in, eating breakfast, and spending time together regardless of the activities we have planned.

This past Saturday, I was hoping to sleep in until 8, but Ellie Bell woke up at 715 bright and cheery eyed. After breakfast we headed out to a first birthday party and Ellie had a blast playing in the park.

 photo CA69FDC0-C121-4411-9CA4-62E19DDDE701_zpss16kapmg.jpg
 photo 358DA450-7BB1-4857-B296-FD9FF64416FC_zpsbxwrohky.jpg photo A91328BA-02DE-41D5-BB66-D89C97E67CE6_zps3fa8vkay.jpg photo 5B20C8F6-6975-4A13-BE09-1DD529133AB9_zps8voncffo.jpg
 photo 8E81C5F6-F492-4F79-BB8D-432074EB1087_zpsiehrusdr.jpg  photo 54443DB2-279F-470D-8186-BAA6695485C4_zpsqoutlcq6.jpg photo ED06BEF7-A74A-46B7-9963-82EC61400FC0_zpszoyorx3y.jpg
We tried to take a picture of the three girls together. They are Matt's bff's daughters and were all born right after each other (we also got married back to back months!). Getting multiple babies to look in the same direction at the same time is incredibly hard, there is several people behind us calling their names and clapping and still...nothing. Here were the best shots.
 photo 83DA3F4B-0797-431B-978F-C6071E66890A_zps5egtvjbq.jpg photo 409CE488-BFB5-479C-A20C-F217495C2A6F_zpsmrzygq1g.jpg photo 00C6146C-FA4B-4A66-8933-729BA5610A3B_zpsxwfdmlqa.jpg
After the party we ran our usual errands (Costco/Lowe's) then Matt and I came back and played with Ellie. It's so nice having a playroom and a backyard to play in. I'm still working on decorating the playroom, so I'll post some pictures soon. It's not done yet and is far from being ready, but we have a bookshelf for the toys/books and a couch so the necessities are there! After playing, Matt and I relaxed and watched a movie together. We haven't done that in so long! It was nice to be able to unwind together.
On Sunday, Ellie and I went to church and I am counting down the weeks until she can be in the nursery. All she wants to do is play and be loud and it's pretty tough during sacrament. Four more months! I bring the usual briberies: cheerios, sippy cup, quiet toys, etc. It's just such a tough age (so the RS women tell me!). She finally got a chance to wear this yellow dress I got her a few months ago. I love this dress and wish she had worn it more, I had to snap some pics of her in it!
 photo 60E59E51-BD87-44F7-9792-825101B8100E_zpspvasaoa3.jpg photo 4720A424-1661-4033-910F-C5091AD4F80B_zpsjv6shvmc.jpg
Those pink chubby cheeks just kill me. Hope you guys had a great weekend and today starts off the week right!
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