Thursday, January 21, 2010

Product Review: Ulta Eyeshadow Review

Last week, Ulta had a sale on their home brand makeup and I loaded up on some great eyeshadow shades that are regularly $7 and on sale for $3.

I bought Molten, Lustre, Truffle, and Silk.

I was the most excited for Molten, it's a chocolate brown with gold shimmer. It looked gorgeous when I tested it on my hand and looked even better on my lids the next least until 3pm anyways. That's about the time the eyeshadow randomly disappeared in patches. Now, I don't have oily skin and only have a problem with fading eye shadow with less quality products. I gave it another shot, but with MAC Primer under and it lasted the night. Overall, its ok (but should definitely be worn with something to help it stick), but I think its worth the extra cash to get better quality shadows.

Do you wear Ulta brand makeup? What shades do you like?

What brands are you loyal too? Nearly all of my eye shadow is MAC and the ones I use the most are; Typographic, Print, Hoodwinked, Romp, and Phloof.

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