Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Orange Crush


Here's Amber Valetta at the premiere of The Spy Next Door rocking a hot mini and I've heard that orange will be a new "it" color for summer and I'm all for it! Orange is such a fun vibrant color and I think it's time it gets a little bit more attention. A few years ago, all I wanted was a fun orange dress for my sorority's semi-formal, I looked everywhere for an orange dress, but to no avail- it just wasn't a hot color at that time. So, I did what any fashion forward girl would do and I designed and had a dress made. It has to be my favorite dress I ever wore! It fit perfect and made me stand out and was so much fun to dance in....until I had a fashion mishap anyways.

Here's a pic of my dress from that night back in 2007:

You might think that orange isn't for you, but don't pout just yet! Everyone can wear a shade of orange, you just need to find one that fits your skin tone and hair color.
Here are some examples of gorgeous ladies all rocking different shades of orange:
As you can see, these ladies looked great in both bright and light orange colors, regardless of skin tone or hair color. The key to pulling off orange is finding the right tone, whether it has a pink or golden undertones. Don't know your skin tone? Which color looks best on you, gold or silver? If gold looks best, you have a warm skin tone and can pull off the more vibrant orange colors. If silver looks best, you have a cool skin tone, lean more towards the yellow hued if you have light hair or the orange-brown colors if you have darker hair. If you're too shy to go all out, try an orange bag, scarf, or headband to add some color to your outfits.
How do you feel about orange? Do you wear a lot of it? Are you looking to wear it this summer?

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