Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Faves

Today is another mix of favorites, do you guys prefer a theme or just whatever? I've done themes in the past and I do like that it's cohesive, but sometimes a series of products won't line up with what I want to share. If you prefer themes though, I can definitely make it happen! I have a ton of beauty buys that just came in (did you see my IG story?? Yesterday was a good mail day!!) that I'll be reviewing soon!


I usually carry a large wallet every day, but picked this cute little one up before our trip (I’m still working on our recap!) so it would be easier to carry with me. I didn’t need my million receipts or every gift card ever given to me while we were there and this one is perfect for tossing into our diaper bag or carrying in my cross body. I absolutely love this mini one (this one is super cute too!) and may just switch over permanently, it’s the perfect size to hold all your important stuff. Plus, I love the color and texture, so feminine and girly!


I’ve had this Luna necklace on my radar forever. Like a year or something. Why haven’t I bought it yet? No clue. I buy a ton of stuff every week and just never pulled the trigger on this one I guess. My girlfriend Marina is a stylist for Stella and Dot and remembered how I loved this necklace and posted about it on her VIP page and I just had to snag it. I’m so glad I did! The mixed metal is so cute and makes it so easy to wear- I’ve basically worn it every day this week. It also has multiples lengths you can wear it, so it’s great for layering too!


These next two products I’ve been using for several months and I love them both! The Philip B Hair Thickening and Finishing Spray is amazing for air dried hair- which I’ve been doing more and more in this heat. After I shower at night, I put in their anti-frizz serum, brush it through, part my hair and hit the hay. Then in the morning, I brush through my hair and spray the texture spray liberally throughout my hair and let it sit while I do my makeup. I like this product over my dry shampoo for day one hair because it gives you texture without weighing your hair down or making it feel “dirty”.


I’ve been using this Joico purple shampoo for a while now too, maybe even a year? At first, I didn’t see any difference and felt like it was a waste. I just bought it on my own and it seemed like everyone had a different suggestion on how often to use it, so I didn’t really have a schedule. Then I talked to my hair dresser and she advised to use it every third shampoo (I wash my hair every 4-6 days) and to focus it first on my ends and work my way up. Hello! What a game changer! I’ve been using it now on every third wash for the last 4+ months and I’ve noticed that my hair keeps its blonde a lot longer now and doesn’t turn yellow or brassy like it did before. I was worried about it drying my hair out, but I haven’t noticed that either. I still do my usual shampoo/conditioner routine when I use it and I think that having a good conditioner is key (here is what I use).

Have you guys shopped the Nordstrom sale? I didn't see a ton of great stuff, but there's a few I have hanging out in my cart. So far, I have my eye on these jeans (love the holes!), these booties, this slouchy sweater,  and this bell sleeve top. What are you eyeing?? Post your goodies in the comments!!

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