Monday, February 6, 2017

My Favorite Diaper Bag- Jujube has it All!

One of my top baby product suggestions for parents is a good diaper bag. You’ll use it almost daily, it gets tossed around, things spill on it, it needs to keep a gazillion items inside, it’s important to invest in one that’s going to keep up with you! It's an investment piece that can last you years if you choose the right one. There’s a ton of options for you to choose from, but we love Jujube and I’ll tell you why! We prefer to use a backpack diaper bag so we have our hands free and we have the Jujube Be Right Back and the Be Quick in Chrome and I love that it works for both Matt and I. Jujube offers a variety of styles, colors, and prints, I had a hard time choosing which style and print I liked best!

 photo 52BE6FAC-6E2F-48B0-997C-0B254422421F_zpstmxpkdti.jpg
 photo 898E10BB-A799-4838-8766-37416890B049_zps5eznygrj.jpg

Emma is 18 months now and Ellie is 3.5, but we still use the diaper bag for our outings. We keep our essentials in there, but also need extras like clothes, toys, and snacks and we love that the Jujube offers different pockets, slots, and wide open zipper details making it easy to get to the very bottom of the bag and has great organization for us. The front has a pocket for your cell phone or sunnies that keep them nice, clean, and scratch free- absolutely genius! I love the Be Quick bag to use as a quick purse to keep my wallet and essentials in, or dirty/wet clothes, or all the snacks, or the toys, whatever! It's really versatile and the perfect size.

 photo 891FEA03-B8F6-4D29-8F7A-7FD9C7374F2C_zpsms8lmspr.jpg photo FF069A35-4645-45A8-95F6-4EC0F428B5FD_zpsmx6kzndd.jpg photo E12E7893-EE38-4973-B34A-F3567200154F_zpsoptsghat.jpg photo F8A649F3-EDF7-468A-8890-D50CDBC5DD34_zpsigjmkafk.jpg photo F3C55A6B-119D-47DD-A191-EE6BEE8A0461_zpsnu6s1ayr.jpg

The fabric is soft, but very durable and is machine washable!! I was so excited about this feature! The back of the bag has a hidden compartment with a matching changing pad inside that’s easy to access for quick diaper changes and would fit a small laptop or tablet perfectly for future use. We also love that the Chrome design works for both Matt and I and we can use this Jujube diaper bag way past the diaper stages of parenting. What's your favorite diaper bag?

FTC: The Jujube bags were provided to me for an honest review, all opinions are based on my experience with the bags. 

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