Tuesday, November 15, 2016

6 Beauty Products for a Busy Morning!

Good morning!! My mornings can be pretty hectic and I'm working on a post with my morning routine now that I have two kiddos I need to get up and out the door, and I wanted to share my favorite beauty products I use every morning. For hair and makeup, I give myself 20-30 minutes, just depending on what my schedule is going to look like that day. I would love to be able to do a full face every day, but sometimes it's just not doable so here are the six products I rely on for an easy and pulled together look.
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1. Concealer
This is an absolutely must for me! I always put a little dab under my eyes, but in a pinch it can double as a highlighter too! My favorite drug store concealers is this one in brightener for under my eyes, this one and this one for imperfections and highlighter. They’re all pretty creamy and easy to blend and apply them with this blender for no creasing.

2. Powder
I’ve used this powder for years and years and because it’s full coverage, covers small imperfections, and lasts several hours. Not everyone uses a powder to set their makeup, but since I don’t always wear foundation this gets me through the day and I wear it every single day. I need a matte finish in my t-zone as it’s become shinier and more oily over the years.

3. Brows
I know that brows are super trendy right now, but they really can make such an impact and they’re so simple to do! I use this shadow in Brun every day to fill mine in (it’s the perfect shade for blondes and light brunettes!), this pencil to define, and this mascara to keep them in place. I’m pretty basic with my brows and always use a powder and will often times just use this and be done with them. I use a brow comb to push them into place and a slanted brush to apply the powder.

4. Eyeliner
Now, for a lot of people, eyeliner is not a must, but not for me! I have large eyes and wearing a liner defines them perfectly for me. Give me all the liner. I wish I was more of a pro and could get that perfect winged look, but I just do a basic line that gradually thickens midday through the lid. I can’t do pencil to save my life, but swear by this cheapie (under $4!) thanks to Mrs. Jason Aldean’s suggestion. If it’s good enough for a millionaire, it’s good enough for me right? It doesn’t fade, change color, or sting like the flames of hell if it bleeds into your eye.

5. Mascara
Oh my goodness where would I be without mascara? It has to be my number one trick that pulls me together and helps me look alive. I swear by using a primer first and now that I’ve been using one for so long, my lashes look terrible without it! Even my most favorite mascaras (check out my Drugstore Mascara Review post) can’t give the same look alone as when paired with a primer. They’re just like peanut butter and jelly, they need each other. One coat of primer and one coat of mascara (I’m using this one right now) and I’m out the door with mega lush lashes.

6. Blush
Girlfriend, I need some color to my cheeks, especially if I’m choosing to forgo shadow! My absolute favorites include Dollymix for a gorgeous flush, this Springsheen for every day, and I’ve worn Warm Soul for at least 4 years and it looks good on everyone. Seriously, all skin tones, all hair colors, all eye colors, everyone! Blush warms up your face and I don’t know about you, but I wanna be one of those old grannies with perfectly coifed hair and bright pink cheeks. They’re just so cute!

Once I get to work I'll put on some gloss or lipstick, but this is my typical morning beauty routine. If I'm going anywhere after work, if I have extra time, or if I'm gonna have a busy day, I'll wear eyeshadow too, but I've found myself out the door more times than not without any at all. What's your beauty routine? How much time do you give yourself to get ready each day?

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