Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Easter Holiday

Since childhood, Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. It's a great spring holiday that celebrates the resurrection of our Savior so we can start again and again. Easter has always been special to me, you don't need to have been "good" all year long, or have a significant other, or shower everyone with gifts. It's a day to rejoice in the greatest love and sacrifice that has been given to us.

We had Matt's parents stay with us Saturday night so we could spend the morning together before the family party for Ellie's first Easter. Matt's mom and I bought the guys some candy and BBQ sauces and marinades- I can't wait to test them out! Sweet Chili Pineapple chicken sounds delicious and perfect for summer. I made some simple garlands using poms and plastic eggs. It took me made 30 minutes to make both. I love how they add color to the fireplace (ignore the wires at the bottom, we are changing out all the face plates and still need to mount our tv).
 photo 69B95778-4A63-40D0-8C62-7484E26B9F34_zpsky0cc2cn.jpg

We woke up pretty early and Ellie was so excited to see all the eggs and goodies. She was just all smiles and giggles as she went through her basket. She's been playing with eggs all week and we've been practicing her egg hunt and filling them with Cheerios and puffs for her.
 photo C9B3705D-6761-41C1-AD95-E7FFD69C4FE2_zpsacs9oaex.jpg photo F25D879C-CD22-4436-A361-8158098E66DC_zpskbsi8hcd.jpg photo A9F90917-C1F0-4850-90D3-242DE5EEBBBA_zpsbe2h0cu7.jpg photo 1E32033E-C0B7-437E-86DF-41BADC0AEF31_zpsgxeekejh.jpg

After breakfast we got ready and went to Matt's sister's for an awesome egg hunt for the children and adults, good food, and a great time with our family. Then after a few hours we went to share the day with my side of the family at my aunt's home. It's so great that our families live (relatively) close to each other so we can share it with everyone.
 photo C5808313-1B3A-4958-9793-A367135BA91A_zpskeav4gtu.jpg

When we bought this house I knew we would have to get a swing for the deck. My grandparents had one and I remember swinging off the back porch and pushing my younger cousins in it. Ellie loves being in the swing and I was so excited to get this hung up for her (thanks Matt and Grandpa!) it's going to get so much use this summer and in the next years.
   photo 46AA7FB4-C099-466C-8200-779DE3DFA191_zpsi1aki65m.jpg photo A02A6567-58BC-4AF7-89AF-6A3BE01180F4_zpswh65uqdn.jpg

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday with your loved ones!
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