Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Faves

Happy Friday everyone!!! The weekend is finally upon us! These last few days have just flown by for me and I'm hoping the weekend won't feel as quick. Have you shopped the Nordstrom sale yet? I posted my faves this week and will be checking out my cart this morning! I can't wait for it to arrive, I'll be sure to post some OOTD and reviews for you guys. I didn't order too much and I'm hoping a few items will restock. Did you get anything?

This weekend we don't have much planned, hoping to get some cleaning and errands ran and head to church Sunday. Ellie's hair is baby fine and the ends get knotted really easily so we've toyed around with the idea of getting her hair cut. When I mentioned it to her she flipped out and covered her hair with her hands saying she didn't want to cut her hair and that it will hurt. Poor thing took forever to settle down and I felt so bad. I only even contemplated it thinking that it may be easier to brush with that little bit gone. I've thought about taking her to a princess salon and having her watch other girls trim their hair and see how she feels about it. If we don't cut her hair, it's no big deal, I'd be devastated anyways because she has the cutest of curls only at the ends and I hate the thought of losing them. 

This week's Friday Faves is a bit of this and that, hope you all enjoy!

 photo 74CB4087-8772-4FD7-BBD0-415A14E7C61D_zpssuzxssh6.jpg

This week I was putting Emma to bed when Ellie came in to give her kisses and say good night, she saw my feet on my the rocker and talked about how my toes weren't painted. She immediately left the room and came back with a polish and a napkin (to keep under my toes) so that she could give me a pedi. It was so sweet so I told her once Emma was down she could do it. I'm so glad I let her! Usually I'm too OCD and afraid that she would make a huge mess, but it was no big deal. It was the sweetest and funniest thing I've ever seen. It was all over my toes and so thick and wet in spots, she was so careful to get all of my nails covered in paint, going slow and as meticulously as she could. It was just the cutest thing. She has a heart of gold that little one.

 photo EE6C0DFC-CCFC-4FB8-B155-46AEEDEF6D3B_zpsooppoyy6.jpg

How cute is this leather trio set from Sutter Sisters? I love the colors, it's going to be perfect for now and transitioning into cooler temps...whenever that will be! It's been over 100 every day this week so far! The dark floral is my fave! I'm in love with this cookies and milk bow too! I paired with this bubble romper and I can't wait to get Emma in it this weekend. Sutter Sisters is also offering 20% both their shops (here and here) with KRISTEN20, so be sure to grab a set or two! There's a ton of super cute bows, moccs, and purses for your little ladies.

 photo 0205BCD0-8776-4BAB-9C57-EA00168545D9_zpsbcm4juk8.jpg

Emma's birthday is just around the corner and the first of her party decorations have arrived! I'm obsessing over this cake topper from Rustic Daisy Designs, it's absolute perfection! Before I had settled on a theme, I knew I had to have it for her big day. We're doing a garden party and when I saw these sweet felt flowers from Wholesale Bow Supply, a million ideas zipped through my head. This weekend I'll be doing a few more crafts and picking up some items and then I gotta go to work on the details. I'm so excited for her party and can't wait to share more with you guys!

 photo 2814E181-EB9C-4BA4-AE16-3ABF9DA139B4_zpso31fzq7w.jpg

I shared this pic already on Instagram, but I'm always, always wearing a hair tie on my wrist but I try and hide it under my watch because it can be such an eye sore, Maria Shireen sent me this gorgeous rose gold bracelet and you can wear your hair tie in it! It's the most genius thing ever! I love the look with the hair tie in or out of it and that you can even change your hair tie to something fun and bright to get a whole new look or pop of color. The bracelet is really well made and I love that it takes something so ordinary and transform it to something beautiful. Another item I'm listing in the "why didn't I think of that" category. You can support postpartum awareness and support with their Charity Ties and $10 for each bracelet sold is donated to Postpartum Progress to help build healthier families and build and support women.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Thank you for stopping by!


Unknown said...

Lots of cute details! And I love that you let your little one paint your toes. That's so sweet!

Meg O. said...

LOVE the party decor... cannot believe she is going to be 1!!!!

Lauren Vavala said...

I love Lauren B nail polish! I was hoping a child painted your toes when I first saw that photo haha!

Unknown said...

Her painting your nails is so adorable!! That may be he one reason I hope I have a daughter one day!! That and cute bows ��

Renee Alexis said...

Those bows look really cute!

Unknown said...

I love all of this stuff! That nail polish color is so fun!

Unknown said...

Love that nail polish color and those decorations are adorable!