Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Product Review: Tried and True Image Skincare Favorites + Giveaway!

Several years ago, I tried my first Image Skincare product and after using it for a few weeks I became a lifelong customer. Finding the right skincare product can be trying and can follow a series of trial and error. It you have sensitive or problematic skin, it can even be emotional to try a product and not see any results or worse yet adverse results.

All my life, I’ve had pretty even skin that tends to dry out and can be sensitive at times. I never really had an issue using any product (as long as I bought the sensitive version of it), but never saw a change in my skin. Not a single product brought my skin to life, evened out the skin tone of my rosy cheeks, or worked with what I had naturally to make it better and stand out. It just did its job in the laziest way possible and I had no results one way or another. None of this is true for Image. After a few weeks, my skin brightened up, I could wear less makeup, and even with long nights nursing babies my skin never looked better.

 photo 7B064867-1DD7-4699-A305-F1B52CC3E7B8_zpsqwztzhor.jpg

I use several products from Image and have a few favorites that I can’t imagine going without. Please, never ever discontinue these gems Image, I would be absolutely heartbroken and stalking Ebay and Amazon for every last bottle produced! My skins feel younger and smoother, and maybe even more importantly looks younger and smoother when I use these babies. Any time I fall asleep and sleep in my makeup and not do my routine, my skin wakes up feeling like a hangover. That’s how I’ve finally realized how important it is to really take care of your skin and use the products that’s best for your skin type.

 photo 4B46A389-0631-4D3E-B0C6-5261043E5483_zpsgi6gzx9w.jpg photo 3BE87B41-D8F6-43D0-89E9-F74201E70402_zpsrjjgf1gf.jpg photo 46D07CA7-6EC4-4A04-8532-B35BEB117228_zpsw02gw9ru.jpeg

I've been using their products for years and have some new ones I'm testing out, but I had to share with you guys my tried and true products. Here are a few of my favorites:

 photo 4142CAA5-4CDA-4A7A-8C6F-56E55681F885_zpsqlk4hggh.jpg

Tinted Moisturizer: This stuff is my jam! Especially on no makeup days or in the summer. It’s the perfect amount of coverage and I love that it has good SPF coverage!

 photo 20EF9634-82C8-42B9-B986-BDDB80D37CA9_zpsjgtfbqbc.jpg

Vital C Serum: I use this every morning and on my lazy evening routines. It smells so good and really locks the moisture in! I feel like my skin almost immediately glows after application.

 photo BD405170-0DE3-4503-AE99-180110E5D9D1_zpsu6m3nt5m.jpg

Ormedic Lip Complex: 100% this is my favorite product for my lips in the entire world. It works miracles! My lips get so dry and crack in the winter, plus I bite my lips, so they can just get tore up. This little baby gets my lips healed and soft within two days. I swear by this!!

Ormedic Gel Masque: I love using this regularly, it helps to soothe and hydrate unbalanced skin. I keep it in my shower and my skin feels amazing after! It's gentle enough to use every day.

 photo 4E3C5B45-4FA2-49EC-89D5-357C50D131D0_zpsainixvki.jpg

Iluma Brightening Crème: This is part of my nightly routine, it has made such a huge difference in my skin! I find that when I use this regularly, my skin looks and feels happier. It looks brighter and younger is is possibly my favorite of them all!

Iluma Brightening Eye Crème: I’ve used several different eye crèmes over the years and this one I like the best. It’s just the right consistency to keep my eye area hydrated and non-greasy.

 photo 2CC2F6D7-E02E-4BB4-8BA0-82DC7ABA1E8E_zpskbqfoag0.jpg

The Max Cleanser: This is part of my daily regimen and I need to start buying it in pairs because I hate when I run out! It’s so gentle and gets off all of the grime and makeup that’s left behind. It's the perfect formula and foams up just enough. No matter what I use in the shower for my face, I always am sure to use this! It's an absolute staple for me!

 photo EBEB4681-C4FF-4DA2-BF0E-D897D5025320_zpsgbpccpuw.jpg
 photo 13A1837D-7947-4EE0-A18E-9C9A0E39892F_zpsde3ptam4.jpg

I love the products so much that I want to share them with you! I’m giving away all of them to one of you! That's the Tinted MoisturizerVital C Serum, the Ormedic Lip Complex and Gel MasqueIluma Brightening CrèmeIluma Brightening Eye Crème, and The Max Cleanser!!! I'm so excited about this giveaway, it's been in the planning for weeks and I can't wait for you to fall in love with Image Skincare!!

Check out my Instagram to enter!
Contest closes on Friday January 13 at midnight PST, US resident only.

Thank you Image Skincare for sponsoring this post! All products were provided to me for consideration, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I love Image Skincare and their products have truly made a difference for my skin!

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